Call/run a macro from a macro

Hi there,
I am trying to create a macro for batch processing of images.
Is there a way to call/run a macro from within a macro?
This is my first attempt so please be a little explicit…
Thank you very much!!!


to call and run a macro from within a macro you could use the following (assuming that the macro you want to call and run is called XYZ):


Thank you for the swift response!!!

Below you may see the macro I wrote, the one I intend to call and the error message I received…
Any thoughts??

Are you sure the file is in the location where you are searching for it? Or that the name is exactly correct? It isn’t finding the file, so it is likely the path or the name is slightly off.

Hi there, I copy what Research_Associate already wrote. The problem might be in the fact that the macro you are calling is not in the right folder. Check the folder under …\ImageJ\macros to see if the macro is actually there and if it is there check for any typo in the code you wrote.