Call Omero API from python3?

As far as I know, Omero is still based on python2.
I am wondering if there is an elegant way to call the python API from python3?

Many thanks! Cheers!

Hi @John_Xu.

At the moment, there’s no released way to use Python 3. There is however active development and we have every intention of releasing a Python 3 version in time for the Jan 1, 2020 deadline. If you are interested in trying out a development version, feel free to install directly.

All the best,


Fantastic, thanks a lot ! @joshmoore

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Kudos and looking forward to playing with Omero on Python 3!

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In case anyone is interested in trying out client-side Python 3, instructions are in the README. We’ll be working on conda packages to speed up the installation. ~Josh

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ICYMI: OMERO / Python 3 Rollout Plan

Thanks @joshmoore! I’ll have a try!

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Fantastic, it seems to work on 3.7 as well ^_^.