Calculating relative orientation of intermediate filaments in cell colony

I do appreciate for inventing and improving the fantastic software.

I’m trying to quantify effects of knockdown of target protein on structure of intermediate(keratin) filaments in cell colonies(in specific, epithelial tubules).
I found two phenotype changes which I want to quantify: decrease of intensity, and defect of filaments orientation.
Now I’m facing trouble with latter one, calculating(converting) orientations of filaments to relative orientations to the ones of colony.

I tried to use CalculateMath module to calculate relative orientations, but it doesn’t work like I wish; it only calculates relative orientation of first one of all filaments[objects].
How can I calculate orientation of all the filaments?
If you also have idea to redefine range of angle to between -90 degrees to 90 degrees, please tell me.

160629 QuantifyKeratinFilamentsOrientation.cppipe (10.0 KB)


After the measurement modules but before your CalculateMath, add a RelateObjects module- that way the program knows that all of the “children” keratin objects belong to the “parent” colony and should be adjusted by its value. I’d have to think more about the redefinition of the angles issue but that also seems to me like something that could be easily done after the fact in whatever downstream analysis you’re doing.

I tried to add RelateObjects module before CalculateMath, and it worked as I wished!
And I could redefine range of angles by working on Microsoft Excel afterwards.

Thank you very much,