Calculating Integrated Intensity per nucleus

Sample image and/or code


The picture I have shared is that of nuclei (Blue regions) and Fluorescent spots within it (in Red). I am currently able to segment these Blue regions and red spots successfully and also calculate their mean fluorescence intensity. I have a relateObject with each of the fluorescent spots related to their respective blue regions.

Analysis goals

I would like to additionally calculate also the ‘Integrated Intensity’ per blue region. As per my understanding, this means summing up the pixels per Blue region (which is my Region of Interest).


How might I calculate the Integrated Intensity of the combined Blue region and red spots per Blue region? Will measuring intensity directly on my relateObject (with both ROI and spots) work?

If you are segmenting the blue spots as objects, you should be able to measure their intensity in the blue OR red channel with MeasureObjectIntensity- which will return mean but also integrated intensity, median intensity, and many others.

Hope that helps, if not feel free to elaborate!