Calculating Area of Cell Clumping

I was looking quantify the area the clumping of cells we see are taking up. To do this, I used a macro that previously was used to identify individual cells but doesn’t do well with clumping. My next Idea was to add a “split or merge” module to make the clumping identified as one large object, but I wanted to expand it to fill up the whole space (its’s counting only random cells in the clumping and not filling the entire area) like in the picture and measure that area. Any other suggestion on how I could measure the pixel area of the clumping in a better way or how I could modify my module? Attached is my in progress module and image. I’m only looking at the areas of the clumping inside the circle so I could just crop out the top part but I’m open to ideas for everything. ThanksArea_count.cpproj (1021.0 KB) 48hrcontrol_outlet002.tif (8.8 MB) 48hr1ug_outlet003.tif (10.6 MB) 48hr0.01ug_outlet001.tif (4.6 MB)

I submitted a proposal on your second message.