Calculating area of bubble in a complex image

I have just started learning imageJ. I have captured some images of bubbles and want to calculate their area. can please someone help me out. I need to write a script for the same.
I have attached the image also.35mlpm_C001H001S0002000001.tif (1.1 MB)

I doubt I can really help with that analysis, but for anyone else who looks into it, it might be a good idea to specify your area of interest. Specifically, do you want the small bubbles around the object in the center of the image only? Or the bubble that seems to be inside of it (blue)? Are the two larger objects in red of interest?

Will the large object in the middle always be in the exact same position every time?

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I want to calculate the area of the bubbles which you have marked in red. they are actually escaping the pipe in a certain time frame. can you help me with this? @Praveen I saw some of your posts and was really encouraged. can u help me sort this out?

So i managed to get the area of the bubble on the top. I think when you have bubbles touching the large object it can be tricky. Here is what i got

Anyway to avoid the large object? Or can you ignore bubbles that touch the large object.


I don’t think he mentioned if it was in the same place in each image, but if it is, maybe he can automatically crop all images to the same size, and measure the bubbles within the remaining image.

thanks @Praveen
yeah, the bubble on the top could be calculated but I found it difficult to segregate the bubbles inside. can u show me the script for calculating the area of the bubble on the top.
Anyway thanks for the help.