CalculateMath Module Question

I built a pipeline to find the centroid locations of all stem cell colonies and the center of the each well. The general idea is that I would like to transform all the stem cell colony locations relative to each of their well center fiducial. The issue that I find is that the well centroid X & Y locations are only on the first row so the relative location of the first colony has a value but all subsequent colonies with object numbers greater than 1 have empty null values for their well centroids. Is there a way that all colonies can inherit the well centroid reported on the first row so that the relative position calculation will work?

If the Well is an object, you should be able to use RelateObjects with Colony as the child object and Well as the parent object so that they all inherit that value- see this post for discussion of a similar issue using CalculateMath. Let me know if that works for you!