Calculate porosity of ceramic specimen

Hi there,

I am pretty new to ImageJ. I need to calculate the amount of porosity in a cross section of some ceramic samples. In a prior job, I used ImageJ to analyze porosity of a coating for biomedical applications. The problem is that I do not remember the steps on how to accomplish this in the software. I believe I need to make the image into grayscale to separate out the pores. Is there a tutorial that anyone knows of for how to do this?


Hi @msickler33

I assume you are looking for a segmentation :slight_smile:

Depending on the noise level in your images you have to apply some filters first and then perform the segmentation.

In this topic segmentation on noisy images is discussed: Calculation of porosity on 2D image with bad threshold


Hi @tibuch,

Thank you so much for the help. That was exactly what I needed.

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Thanks for the feedbacks. I have been working on the porous materials and this topic is most relevant to what I am doing. However, I am encountering a strange problem when segmenting my images. They are from set of specimens analyzed in the same SEM. They all Black and White or grey in color. However, for few samples, I dont have any problem when I use the following steps

But, for some other samples, whenever I try to threshold, it automatically takes me to “Threshold Color” option. I tried adjusting brightness/contrast and it didnt help me. Is there anyway, I can do threshold without doing color threshold?
Thanks for your time.