Caclulate Math is not exporting?

When trying to export data from the pipeline - in the Export to Spreadsheet function, there is no option to export the calculate maths function/numbers. When saying export all measurements I still don’t get the calculated maths exported anywhere.

Any help with troubleshooting this?


p62.DAPI.high.threshold v2.cpproj (900.9 KB)

Hi @climes,

Since you aren’t specifying which measurements you are exported then I assume you just can’t find it across all your spreadsheets. As it stands, your math calculations will be in your DAPI spreadsheet. This is because there is a calculation done for each object.

I was wondering if you might be calculating something else compared to what you want which is leading to confusion as right now I find it hard to understand why

For your first CalculateMath module I thought possibly what you want to be calculating is the average area occupied per nucleus in which case your denominator result should be as below:

Image | Count | DAPI

That leads to one calculation per image so you will find them somewhere in your Image spreadsheet.

Does that make sense?

Sorry @Lakshmi,

I’m confused by your first sentence, could you clarify?

Below is a capture of the ExportToSpreadsheet module in the pipeline file that @climes uploaded.
Since they have “Selct the measurements to export” set to “No” and “Export all measurement types” set to “Yes” then I don’t see how they aren’t exporting all the measurements?

Also, just in case of confusion for readers, I think it should be clear that as it stands both the current measurements will only be in the DAPI spreadsheet (not image or p62).

The modules are set out as below:

Module 14 - CalculateMath
Numerator: Image | AreaOccupied | AreaOccupied | p62
Denominator: Object | DAPI | Number | Object_Number

Module 15 - CalculateMath
Numerator: Image | Count | Primaryobjectsp62Nuclei
Denominator: Object | DAPI | Number | Object_Number

Because each is an image value divided by object number there are an object measurement and will only be found in the corresponding objects spreadsheet (unless per image mean/ medians or stdevs are calulated of course).


Apologies, I think when I opened the pipeline, I missed to check that. You are right . It should export all measurements.

Regarding the measurements, I thought it should appear in both object file and image file.

But generally, calculate math appears as a column “math_X”, Where X is the name of the measurement you are computing. In this case DAPI.csv.

Just to avoid confusion for the readers, I have removed the unclear part in my reply.

Thank you so much.

Fujifilm Wako Automation (Consultant)