Buying a new Mac - any recs for specific configuration to run CellProfiler/Fiji?

Hi, I have used both Fiji and Cell Profiler on whatever old Macs I happened to have but I only use CellProfiler occasionally for now. Looking to replace my office computer, likely with a new iMac, and will likely use it a lot for image analysis. Any user experience in terms of the specific computer configuration (or OS issues)? Basically, is there anything specific I should be looking for that could either make CellProfiler run faster/slower or cause compatibility problems?

As far as we’re aware, CellProfiler 4+ should run on Apple’s new chips without issues (thanks to the compatibility layer). Do let us know if you encounter any problems.

If you’re looking at an iMac, I’d recommend getting a model with at least 16GB of RAM. Unlike older iMacs the memory on these new models isn’t user-upgradable, so that needs to be specified when purchasing. Apple’s memory pricing can be a bit outrageous, but the extra capacity is really helpful if you’re running complex pipelines.