bUnwarpJ Macro doesn't load landmarks

Hi there,

I’ve got some trouble using bUnwarpJ in a macro.

I did all the steps by hand and it worked just fine, but when I try to run the recorded macro, it doesn’t load the landmarks into the images before running the data, and therefore doesn’t do the transformation needed. This is the macro boiled down to these steps:

setMinAndMax(0, 1);
run("bUnwarpJ", "load=/u/npeters/Downloads/fiducial_landmarks/landmarks_camera_I.txt  
source_image=template.tif target_image=fiducialavgI-1.tif registration=Accurate  
image_subsample_factor=0 initial_deformation=Coarse final_deformation=[Very Fine] divergence_weight=0 
curl_weight=0 landmark_weight=1 image_weight=0 consistency_weight=10 stop_threshold=0.01 verbose");

“load=…” is where it’s supposed to load the landmarks.

The landmark.txt is of the following format and works, as I mentioned, just fine when I load it manually.

Index    xSource    ySource    xTarget    yTarget
0    67    85    74    88

My best guess is that the macro recorder leaves out a step? Really looking forward to any kind of help.

Best wishes

I can reproduce the bug. I will work on it.

Thanks for reporting!

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It is fixed now, so it will work once the plugin is released again. I’ll keep you posted.


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@Feivel , release done, you should be able to load landmarks from macro now!


Works like a charm! Thank you very much for the help and bugfix!

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