bUnwarpj: error loading elastic transformation file

I’m running into an issue loading transformation files in bUnwarpJ on MacOS.

I’ve run bUnwarpJ successfully, saving the transformation file in the
default location, using the “save transformations” option from the bUnwarpJ
menu. The file is successfully saves as a text file, and I’ve kept the
default naming convention, as well as the default file location. I used the
following options to run bUnwarpJ: Registration mode: Mono; initial
deformation:fine; final deformation: fine).

When I try to open the transformation file however, to register another
image I run into the following error:
“File not found excpetionjava.io.FileNotFoundException:
Users/AM/Desktop/filedlg1 (No such file or directory)”
I don’t have this issue on a PC. The registration file loads just fine.
I believe I have the most up to date version of bUnwarpJ (2.6.9.jar), and my
OS is up to date.

FWIW, I also have this identical issue running bUnwarpJ on Mac OS 10.13.6 with the latest Fiji updates.


I made a fast fix, that you can find in this JAR. I will try to investigate more the reasons of this failure and make a new release soon.

Thanks for reporting!


Are there any more updates on this? I have the latest JAR file as mentioned here but even then this error …/…/filedlg1 no file found exists. I am on MacOS 10.14.4.