Building my own z-stack viewer

I am interested in learning how to code, and I figure a simple z-stack program might be a fun way to get started.

Maybe even an iOS app? I would love to be able to open my confocal stacks while I’m out and about with my iPad.

Not exactly a ton of Xcode tutorials for this sort of thing as far as I can tell.

Does anybody have any leads? Greatly appreciated!

Some minimal JavaScript for viewing a stack of images, with orthogonal views and a ‘Lens’ option:

I guess a lot depends on what format your data is in and what libraries do you need to read it?

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Thanks! That looks like a great primer. I’m mostly dealing with .czi and .ims files in the lab, but the Imaris files start out as a folder of TIFFs and the .czi files can be exported as an image series without too much trouble.

My first instinct for a mobile viewer would be to convert to a .png series and downsample, but I’m open to all possibilities.

I don’t plan to quantify data with this app, so I’m fine with minimal resolution and other sacrifices if need be. It’d just be a way to hopefully wrap my head around the basics of these types of programs.