Building Fiji from source - maven-enforcer



Just checked out the Fiji source to do some development. Upon running “mvn compile” I get this this error:

Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-enforcer-plugin:1.4.1:enforce (enforce-rules) on project fiji: Execution enforce-rules of goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-enforcer-plugin:1.4.1:enforce failed: For artifact {null:null:null:jar}: The groupId cannot be empty. -> [Help 1]

I have looked through the POM file and needless to say do not see any artifact going by the name of {null:null:null:jar}. Any ideas what may be causing this?


Ok @ericbarnhill

For sure others here will have specific advice for you… but I can at least point you to the Maven page of the ImageJ wiki - might provide some insight on groupIds and such. :slight_smile:



I wasn’t able to reproduce this. Both

mvn compile


mvn clean install

succeeded for me (on Windows 7).

Can you make sure that:

  • you’re running a recent Maven version?
  • your master branch is tracking the correct repository (fiji/fiji and not your own fork of it) and is up-to-date?
  • your local maven storage (.m2/) isn’t corrupted? Maybe there were download problems with some artifacts in the past?

That’s all that I can think of currently, maybe some of it helps…

May I ask what are your aims? Are you planning further development of the Miji scripts in this repository?


maven version is 3.3.9, java is 1.8.0_151

I can replicate this problem with a clone of fiji/fiji and not use my own fork at all.

I’ve certainly seen that kind of thing before. I deleted my sc/ repos and my net/imagej repos and still have the same problem. But it could be hidden in some other artifact somewhere.

I want to develop the improved orthogonal viewer I discussed in Improved Orthogonal Viewer .

Perhaps it is not in the main repo anyway? So far I haven’t had any luck finding the source code.


The Image > Stacks > Orthogonal Views command is implemented is implemented in ij.jar (currently at version ij-1.51s.jar), you can find this information using the new search bar:

Clicking the Source button brings you to this page:


Thanks very much. The search bar is really slick. I will develop this as a plugin available on my update site, and announce it here when it is ready – unless I have misunderstood the preferred development protocols.




In this case, you might want to consider starting a new Command from this template:

This lets you benefit from all the goodies of the SciJava framework, as proposed by @tferr in the other thread:

Note that the developers of BigDataViewer (in particular @tpietzsch, @axtimwalde, @hanslovsky) and SciView (@kephale and @skalarproduktraum) might also have some solution already for orthogonal views.


@ericbarnhill @imagejan I created a BigDataViewer based viewer with orthogonal slices for our BigCAT project:

Keep in mind, that this branch is still in very active development and many changes will happen, albeit the OrthoView class has been stabel for quite a while now. Also, this viewer uses JavaFX rather than awt/swing as a UI framework, but that can be transformed into a awt ortho view fairly easily.

Improved Orthogonal Viewer