Building a desktop for cell profiler

Hi all,

I’m lucky enough to be building a nice desktop, chief concern is going to be CellProfiler performance, so I’m looking for some tips on what the priorities should be when spec’ing it up as I’m a bit clueless when it comes to hardware.
I’m guessing with the multicore processing, more cores/threads(/cpus?) the better, as it seems cpu bound. Though not sure how much RAM I should be thinking about, is 32GB going to be enough with 12/16 cores?


This FAQ is a bit old, but basically still applies. It depends on your data how much RAM-to-cores you need, but if you have standard screening microscope images (from 2-9MB nowadays), then allot perhaps 2-3 GB RAM per core and you will be fairly balanced. But also note this FAQ for efficient processing.

Hope that helps, and happy CellProfiling!