Build the modified java files for micromanager

Hello everyone!

I am currently modifying micromanager’s GUI to make all the panels in each frame to the main frame. The code is working fine while I run it through debug in NetBean, but when I build it as a plugin as put it into the micromanager, these changes does not show on micromanager.

The files I modified belongs to the mmstudio\src\main\java, and these file are compiled into MMJ_.jar. I tried to build MMJ_.jar with the modified files using Netbean, but when I put the new MMJ_.jar into micromanager, a frame pop up saying Unrecognized command: “Micro-Manager Studio”.

In this case, how should I build the MMJ_.jar?

Thank you so much!

Interesting project! Hope you’ll show/share what you end up with.

I am not exactly sure how Netbeans builds its jar. Use ant (on Windows), or the autoconf/automake tools on Mac/Linux. It maybe possible to do this correctly with Netbeans, but I will not be able to help you with this.