Build Environment setup for MM

I have checked out Micro Manager code from github (trunk).
I would like to build with a readily available project in Device Adapters.

Can you please help me to setup Windows 10 build environment?
I have tried with VS2019, but build always complain about Windows7.1SDK not available!!! (I didn’t go past this issue though)

Somehow my build environment setup procedure seems to be not correct.
I have Windows10 desktop.
Thanks in advance.


We are currently working towards simplifying and modernizing the build requirements for Micro-Manager. For the time being you’ll need to carefully follow the instructions here: Building MM on Windows - Micro-Manager


Thank you Nick for quick response

Also, see this thread about using Visual Studio 2015 to compile device adapters. I suspect the hint there of changing the project toolset to v140 will make it possible to use VS2019 to compile individual device adapters

Nick / Jon

Thanks for your responses.

I have downloaded VS2010 from our previous purchases.
Opened proj file from TestDeviceAdapters and added proj from MMDevice to the sln file.
I could build successfully and dll was created.

Now, I would like to use TestDeviceAdapter as base to develop our own device adapter and add custom hardware interface etc…

When the dll was created:

  • what are the next steps I need to do to integrate my new device adapter into MM
  • How dll is read by MM
  • What is the role of Hardware Configuration Wizard

I have read the documentation, but needs more reading…to understand.

Can you please help me with simple steps for integrating our custom device adapter.

Any pointers are also appreciated.


I would recommend using the “micromanager.sln” Solution file rather than creating your own. You can then add your own project to the solution. Make sure to follow the directions here in setting up your project.

I know it’s a lot of reading but I don’t think that anyone here will be able to explain the steps any more concisely than that.

Once you have it all set up and compiling properly you can copy your .DLL file to the micro-manager installation directory. Once you do that your device should automatically appear in the “Hardware Configuration Wizard”.

Once you have everything working please go ahead and submit as Pull Request with your code to our Github repository. That way your device will be automatically included in the nightly builds of Micro-Manager.

If you tell me the type of device you are working with I may be able to recommend an existing project that you can use as an example to work from.

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Thank you.
The product which I am working with is a Camera with USB 3.0 interface.
I would appreciate if you can recommend an already existing project to start with, if any.



Cameras are probably the most complicated devices to write a device adapter for so may not be the easiest starting point for you.

Before you start you should definitely make sure that we don’t already have a device adapter that supports your camera.

There are many examples to choose from and I’m not particularly familiar with all of them. This Mightex example seems to be relatively simple.