Build 3D model from Pixel Classification & Object Classification

I have use several images for training in these two modules, but I was asked to build a 3D model through ilastik. Could anyone please help me with that? How can I generate a 3D model with ilastik?

Hi @Sunny_Yu,

could you please elaborate a bit more on what exactly your are trying to achieve using which kind of data? ilastik can work with 3D data without a problem, and if your data is 3D (and not overly unisotropic) you will get more consistent results working in 3D directly.Particularly interesting to know:

  • How do you work with the data? As separate 2D images, or with the 3D data directly?
  • If you have an image stack, you can combine all the files into a single 3D volume in ilastik by using the stack import, did you try to do that?
  • What do you mean by 3D model exactly?