Build 10211 Image Window Zoom

There are two problems with the current release’s image window zooming UI.

  1. The Zoom crosshair is black, making zoom-in region selection extraordinarily difficult on predominantly black images.

  2. Zoom out isn’t working. Clicking, double-clicking, nothing allows me to zoom out.

  1. Odd, the crosshair I see is black with a white outline. What OS are you using?

  2. The toolbar we use in the CP figure window is documented here: … olbar.html

You can zoom out by either using the back button to undo previous zoom-in operations, or by using the pan tool while holding the control key. I realize this isn’t the most intuitive way to zoom out, but we have leveraged this library to save ourselves the trouble of writing twice as much code. Given the free time, we’ll certainly consider adding a special zoom-out tool to the toolbar.

This issue may be specific to Windows, as I see the same thing as BioTurboNick on my PC.

Yeah, I’m on Windows 7 32-bit.

By the way, Adam is working on this issue as we speak. Will come out with next release (after Christmas, perhaps?) or you can always grab the bleeding-edge version of CellProfiler, as long as you recognize the caveats and danger inherent in it!

I just committed a fix to this issue… it’s not perfect, but it works for now.

In about an hour you’ll be able to download our bleeding edge build with this fix (and other recent - potentially buggy - code) here: