Bugs using Lif files series in Icy

Since I updated Icy, the file series .lif are not anymore acessible. The dialog box does not open anymore and only the first picture of the sery is open.
My version is the following:
Java™ SE Runtime Environment 1.8.0_211-b12 (64 bit)
Running on Mac OS X 10.11.6 (x86_64)
Number of processors : 8
System total memory : 16.8 GB
System available memory : 38.3 MB
Max java memory : 16.4 GB
Image cache initialized (reserved memory = 12800 MB, disk cache location = /var/folders/4_/r627cpyx03n51ts_fhhxjz8h0000gp/T)

VTK 6.3.0 library successfully loaded…

Icy Version started !

The following plugin(s) has been correctly installed:
ROI Statistics
Convexify ROI

you can download a sample sery that can be open with fiji but not with icy anymore here :slight_smile:


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To precise my previous post. We can still open the sery file by doing Open and stipulating separate files in the option. But the drag and drop of the lif files does not open automatically anymore (as previosly in separate files mode allowing sequence selection in the browser), and open by default the only first picture of the packet. We can still open the lif file from the imageJ tab, but this is time consuming to convert all the pictures one by one with the Icon button.

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Hi @Lydia,

Thanks for reporting, indeed we did a small change in the last version which ended to that behavior, sorry for the troubles ! We already fixed it in the wip version and will try to publish a new version soon.


– Stephane

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