Bug when renaming macro with Script Editor

I think I found a bug when renaming a ijm macro.

When I want to rename a ijm macro (let say : “Test_0.4.ijm” in to “Test_0.5.ijm”), File --> Save As.
Delete 4 and replace by 5. Click on Save.

The name of the file is “Test_0.5.4.ijm” and not “Test_0.5.ijm”.

If I delete now “5.4” and write “6”, the name is “Test_0.6.5.4.ijm”


I think your problem is linked with this bug report I made

Not sure that is the same error.
The last caracter is not deleted but conserved in the saved named, even if it is deleted. And there is no problem with the ijm extension.

I’m Windows OS user at work. With Fiji updated on daily bases.
Same error on Fiji under Linux at home, updated to daily build.