Bug report, rois_import not working with Vectra images

BioFormats 6.2.0 build 18 July 2019 and earlier versions back to 2018
ImageJ 1.52q34 Java 1.8

Trying to open multichannel single tif images from the PerkinElmer Vectra.

This command causes out of memory error (see below):

run("Bio-Formats Importer", "open=["+openPath+fileList[i]+"] autoscale color_mode=Grayscale rois_import=[ROI manager] view=Hyperstack stack_order=XYCZT series_1");

This version without the rois_import works fine:

run("Bio-Formats Importer", "open=["+openPath+fileList[i]+"] autoscale color_mode=Grayscale view=Hyperstack stack_order=XYCZT series_1");

The error message:

<Out of memory>
<All available memory (95875MB) has been>
<used. To make more available, use the>
<Edit>Options>Memory & Threads command.>

Hi @MichaelC

welcome to the image.sc forum and sorry to hear about your issue.

The error is rather surprising as the reader for Vectra TIFF files does not support ROIs. Do you have a sample file you could share with us by uploading to http://qa.openmicroscopy.org.uk/qa/upload/? Let us know if you file is larger than 2GB so that we can arrange alternate transfer.