Bug in ImageJ calibration bar overlay?

Dear @Wayne,

Could it be that there is a slight bug in the calibration bar overlay?

setMinAndMax(8, 3804);
run("Calibration Bar...", "location=[Upper Left] fill=[Dark Gray] label=White number=5 decimal=0 font=10 zoom=5 overlay");

Gives me this output:

To me, it looks as if the grey value next to 3804 could be even brighter (if should be white).

My setup:

MacOS: 10.14.6

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It looks like this is an overlay display issue (Left is the non-overlay version). The last 3 upper lines at the top of the overlay are white, but there’s a very thin gap between lines that make them seem darker. It’s the opposite for low values.

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This shows the same issue with two white lines on a black image.

newImage("Untitled", "RGB black", 16, 16 , 1);
makeLine(2, 5, 14, 5);
run("Properties... ", "  stroke=white width=1");
run("Add Selection...");
makeLine(2, 6, 14, 6);
run("Properties... ", "  stroke=white width=1");
run("Add Selection...");
run("Set... ", "zoom=3200 x=8 y=8");
run("Select None");

This bug is fixed in the latest ImageJ daily build (1.53h54). The commit is at