Bug in Crop Module



I am running a set of 4 images in CellProfiler and I want to crop the images in the same manner so I chose the setting “First” in “Should the cropping pattern in the first image cycle be applied to all subsequent image cycles…”. When the image analysis is being performed, it asks me to crop the images in each cycle. I am just wondering if this is a bug or if I am using an incorrect setting.

Thank you,
Ruoping Shen


Hi Ruoping,

You are using the correct option. On my current setup I am unable to reproduce your error and images are correctly cropped based on the first image. Are all of your images the same size in terms of pixels?



yes my images are the same size in terms of pixels.



the crop module works properly in the developer’s version. this problem only appeared on the pc versions. not sure why…



Thanks for the update, I will take a look.