Bug in big stitcher GUI ? Exception when trying to load the example data set

I need to stitch some volumetric data sets and wanted to give Big Stitcher a try.
I thought opening the example data set (http://preibischlab.mdc-berlin.de/BigStitcher/Grid_3d_h5_aligned.zip) would be a good starting point.

Fiji running on Win10 with Updater just run, BigStitcher installed via BigStitcher update site.

When I open the BigStitcher and try and load the dataset from the .xml, .h5 file pair in the above zip archive:

The file gets parsed correctly but when trying to launch the GUI some exceptions occur and the GUI never shows up:

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong @StephanPreibisch ?

also tagging @hoerldavid

Hi @VolkerH,

You are doing everything right so far :wink: , this error message would indicate a broken build/compilation issue.

I tried to reproduce your error on my Win10 machine, using both a newly downloaded Fiji and an older Fiji I updated - the error did not occur for me.

My best guess would be that something went wrong as you updated.
I guess the first thing to try would be to uninstall and re-install BigStitcher - that would hopefully solve the issue if you somehow ended up with a broken .jar.

If that does not help can you check that you indeed have the newest version ( in Fiji.app\plugins\ check that you have both Big_Stitcher-0.3.3.jar and multiview_reconstruction-0.3.3.jar and no older versions)? Or are there error messages ("Duplicate command … " or the like) popping up as you start Fiji?

Let me know how it goes.


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Hi David,

thanks a lot for the quick reply. It turns out that the multiview....jar was an older version than 0.3.3.
I wonder why it didn’t get updated with the updater. No warnings about duplicate commands or anything like that.
After a deinstall / reinstall cycle it now works.

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