Bug in automatic tracking within structure learning

There seems to be a bug in automatic tracking applet within the structure learning workflow.
The pipeline and training images are at:

Go to step “5. Training”, with Active Track set to “3”, then scroll to frame 6/52, right click on the green cell and choose “run automatic tracking with object 57 with track 3”

You will find it gives non-sense results (two objects in most frames), for example:

On frame 7/52: (red circle is the mistake)


On frame 8/52: there appears to be a bug here


Semi-automatic tracking seems to work for me in the manual tracking workflow, but not in the “Tracking with Learning”.

I really appreciate your help and see if this bug is reproducible on your end. (I have tried 1.3.3.post3 on Linux, as well as the latest beta on Windows, similar bugs).

Hi @Mark,

sorry I didn’t have the time yet to look at this, but hope to be able to do so this week. You’re not forgotten. Thanks for posting this problem!


Hi, Dominik

Just a soft reminder and see if it is possible to take a look at this.

Thank you!