Bug in 3D Viewer record and background change/How to use SciView?

My sample is a stack. I would like to show it in 3D and make a rotation record and a 3D image screenshot export.
My computer is a windows10 system. When I use the Record 360 deg rotation function of the plugin 3D Viewer, the result movie window is wrong, not objects are rotation. It shows the “frozen” computation desktop background window. like this

I searched on the forum and found that some people also encountered this situation. One answer I saw was to use Plugin Sciview.

I downloaded it, but I found that I don’t know how to use Sciview. Select the image in the Sciview window by File-Open, but the window does not change, and nothing is displayed. How can I show my stack? If there are other different ways, please tell me :grinning:

At the same time, I like to make an image screenshot like this. But the background in 3D View is black, I want to change it to white color. But View-Change background color doesn’t work. How can I get a screenshot like this? Does anyone have a way?

Many thanks.

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Hi Mengying!

Please try the latest version of SciView that we are testing:

First disable the current SciView in your Fiji, then

In Fiji, go to Help -> Update and activate the SciView-Unstable update site. In case you need to add it manually, the address is https://sites.imagej.net/SciView-Unstable/

To make your video, then the steps are:

  1. Start SciView (Plugins>SciView)
  2. In SciView, Open>File load your image.
  3. View>Start recording video
  4. View>Circle camera around current object

Please let us know if you have any issues.


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Hello @kephale,
Thanks for your nice help!
I tried your advice to download the latest version of SciView by the address https://sites.imagej.net/SciView-Unstable/
But my Sciview still doesn’t work. When I open it before load images the console shows the warning, which I copied and save in txt, can you help to look at it?
bug.txt (4.2 KB)

When I load the images it shows a lot of errors in console windows. I took a screenshot out of it.

I also found that Sciview made the open of Fiji slow down. When using it, the computer became jammed and the fan rang :sweat_smile:.

Thanks a lot!


From your log:
Nvidia GeForce MX150 (DiscreteGPU, driver version 398.144.0, Vulkan API 1.1.70) (selected)

There have been some updates in the Nvidia drivers that are required for sciview (including fixes that prevent the performance issues you noticed). You can look up and download the latest Nvidia drivers from their site: https://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx

Please test out the unstable update site after upgrading your drivers.


Hi @kephale
Sorry, I am not sure which product type needs to choose. So I put it on to ask you. Is this the correct choice? My system is Windows 10-64bit.

Sorry to bother you.

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I have to say it would be much better if Nvidia had a search bar instead of those dropdown menus

Thank you very much.
I will have a try :hugs:.

Best regards

Hello @kephale
I have updated NVIDIA, but I found the following errors. Does it mean I need to update Jar? How can I solve it?

Thank you for your answer :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi Mengying,

Just to update that we’re tracking this issue https://github.com/scenerygraphics/sciview/issues/271. I’ll post here when we fix it.