Budding yeast tracking in iLastik

I would like to track budding yest cells by ilastik. I can segment the cells successfully using another program, however, here I used ilastik.
What I did:
1- I used pixel classification module to divide all the cells into foreground and background.
2- I exported the probability maps.
3- I launched the manual tracking module and imported my images and the probability maps.
4- After Threshold and size Filter step in which I select the foreground in the input dialogue I proceed to Manual Tracking:

5- In the Manual Tracking, I start a track and selection a cell. Then I right click and select "run automatic tracking … ".

6- Here is the problem for division detection. I select mother, then in the next frame I select daughter and then mother.
However, the division event is not recognized:

How can I distinguish the mother from the daughter? Is the problem with segmentation?
Here I attach the sample data set which is 40 frames.
Here I put the link:

Hi @Reza,

thanks for your detailed description! First of all, from your image it appears that the mother and daughter are in fact a single object (meaning they form a single group of pixels)? So when clicking, you might, if I am correct, click on the same object, once with daughter, once with mother. In ilastik, in order to mark a division, those objects have to be distinct. So you might have to revisit your segmentation method and maybe apply watershed to generate individual objects from these “touching” ones.