Browse for folders

Hi All,

using Cellprofiler 2.1.x I don’t manage to select whole folders for analysis using the Images modules in the Input Modules; I can only select image files, which is not an option of practical relevance if those are too many. My issue is that that I am working in an environment where I am using the CellProfiler GUI but Drag&Drop is not possible, so I would need the “Browse for folders” and “Analyse all subfolders” options of the LoadImages module…

Best, Christian

Hi Christian,

Sorry for the slow reply – yeah, we discussed this awhile ago:

Can you use LoadData instead? Or is a chicken-and-egg issue that you need to create the filelist first with the Images module? If so, I’d suggest re-opening that that issue on Github and @LeeKamentsky might take another look. I can’t think of another way to do this unfortunately.

Hi David,
In fact, I can use the LoadImages module. Somehow I forgot about this option.
Thanks for answering.
Still it would be really nice to also have the option to also select whole folders when using the right-click in the Images module as LoadImages is not as advanced as the new data import.
I will add on Github.