Broken Help and recommended documentation format in ImageJ

Dear all,

when discussing how to best document our (@Christian_Tischer, @NicoKiaru) plugins, we discovered some broken Help functions in Fiji:

When you click Help -> Help on Menu Item and them some item (like Process -> Image Calculator) it opens a browser pointing to that immediately redirects to which gives a 404:

Not Found

The requested URL was not found on this server.
Apache/2.4.41 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 443

The same is true for all random menu items I tried.
BigWarp for example points to instead of, so there is an additional _ in there that breaks the link, similar with BDV.

A very similar functionality seems to be used when typing a tool/plugin into the search bar and then clicking on the Help button.

However, here: Image Calculator -> with bloody underscores at the end… (even without them I could not find that help page)

Question 1: Is this a server-side issue (redirect)?

Question 2: Where in the plugin code can we define these help links? Are they auto-generated somewhere?

Question 3: Is no-one using this help feature, and since when is it broken…?

Question 4: Would this be the recommended way of publishing help/documentation of a plugin (rather than github markdown,,…)?

Question 5: Is there also a way of displaying a summary description of what a plugin does right inside the search results window? (After Identifier and Location)