Brightness and contrast for composite images

While it is possible to choose the channel and adjust each one individually with the B&C dialog, I wonder whether a tool exists that shows as many B&C as channels the image has, so that channels can be adjusted first one a bit, then the other less, then the other more, etc. Having to switch back and forth is tiresome and also less effective.

I’m not aware of anything like that in the ImageJ 1.x world.

Using a SciJava DynamicCommand, you can implement this with a small plugin using SciJava Parameters and a callback method. I’ve put an example plugin here:

It will generate a min and a max slider for each channel in your CompositeImage. On the Mitosis sample image, it looks like this:

If you like it, maybe we can add it to the dynamic command tutorials here:

PS: Note that @ctrueden worked on a RangeWidget a while ago (on the range-widget branch). This would be a more suitable widget for this case, as I currently don’t handle the case when min > max for a channel.