Bright field segmentation



Hi all,

I am new to use CellProfiler. I try to do time-lapse intensity analysis of my single cells. Because my fluorescence signal is dynamics and each cells are different, I need to do single cells segmentation via bright field image at first. And then track and plot each cell fluorescence intensity-time curve. Can you let me know what modules I can use? Thank you.



You may be interested in checking out this blog post, which describes a strategy for segmenting cells in brightfield based on using ilastik (which does itself have also object segmentation and tracking, just fyi)- though depending on your exact images you may be able to get away just with using the EnhanceOrSuppressFeatures “texture” option. We also have an example tracking pipeline here.

Once you’ve gotten a pipeline started if you have specific questions about optimization, feel free to follow up!