Book recommendations?

Hi everyone, I have some fellowship money earmarked for books that I’m hoping to use before it expires, and I’m looking for book recommendations in image analysis. I know that a lot of good information and guidance is available online (including right here!), but are there texts that you think are worth owning? I’d be glad to get recommendations at either the practical or the foundational end of the spectrum (I’m particularly interested in machine learning techniques, but not at all limited to the subject), I just have very little sense of what’s “good” as opposed to simply topical.


On the topic of machine learning, I’d recommend the classics:

On the image analysis side, I found the following book to be accessible to beginners:

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This website has a nice listing:

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Out of this very long list, which ones would you recommend ?

On that list, I know and like:

If you’re interested in level set methods (kind of “old school” now)