Book recommendation for deep learning for image analysis

I would like to learn deep learning/machine learning for image analysis purposes. I am looking for a book which preferably uses Python to show examples of how to use the books material to do image analysis. For what is worth, I am mainly interested in segmentation and cell tracking, but I do not mind to learn about other areas related to image analysis. Online courses or lecture notes are also welcome.
I do not have a background in image analysis. I know to some extend Python and my background is Physics.

As an example I did not like this book! It does not show how to use the techniques in Python to do image analysis.

This book is about machine learning with Python, however, the focus is not on image analysis.


maybe this could be helpful:

I never tried but it is teaching OpenCV, Python and DeepLearning.
The author seems to have lots of material. I think it focuses more on photography and video than biomedical image data.