Bonej2 anisotropy

In the new version of Bonej (Bonej2), the anisotropy analysis only can output the DA values and radius of the fitting ellipsoid. How can it produce the tensor and ellipsoid in 3Dviewer like in the bonej1?
I want to get the orientation of the ellipsoid mainly.

@11126 we will need to add this capability to BoneJ2. It should be reasonably straightforward. Would you like the full 3×3 fabric tensor?

Yes! If you can add this to BoneJ2, it will be very helpful for me.

Keep an eye on this issue:

…and this one - don’t use the DA measurements until it’s fixed.

…oh dear, and this one…

Dear Doube,
Excuse me.
How can I use the following script to run the plugins?

Matrix3d eigenVectors = new Matrix3d();
SharedTable.add(label, “m00”, eigenVectors.m00);
SharedTable.add(label, “m01”, eigenVectors.m01);
SharedTable.add(label, “m02”, eigenVectors.m02);
SharedTable.add(label, “m10”, eigenVectors.m10);
SharedTable.add(label, “m11”, eigenVectors.m11);
SharedTable.add(label, “m12”, eigenVectors.m12);
SharedTable.add(label, “m20”, eigenVectors.m20);
SharedTable.add(label, “m21”, eigenVectors.m21);
SharedTable.add(label, “m22”, eigenVectors.m22);

@11126 you will need to wait for us to make a new release, or else compile and build your own version from the code following these instructions. But, bear in mind that until we resolve the issues flagged above the results are not safe to use for scientific analysis.

OK! Thanks for your help!

Hello Mr Doube,

Did you make a new version of BoneJ 2 including the tensor and ellipsoid 3Dviewer? I keep an eye as you said on the topic “Optionally output the fabric tensor of anisotropy ellipsoid”, but there is a loop with that one here.
Is the anisotropy results agree with BoneJ1 today?

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These changes have been made but we haven’t yet released them.

Dear Doube,

May I ask when the new version is expected to be released?

Dear Mr Doube,

I’m sorry to bother you, but I would like to know when the new version will be released ?
I’m finishing my PhD and I’'m really curious about the anisotropy of my materials.

Thanks for work,

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We are working on some new features with @alessandrofelder. When they are ready we’ll make a release. Some time soon, hopefully in time for your defence!

Thx for your reply. I hope as well I will have time to try this new release