Bonej Particle Analyzer doesn't work with infinity

Hi all, I am working on a porous medium (soil) to get the shape of pores using Bonej Particle Analyzer. However, no matter what the Min value is put in the size filter, the processing always gave me a 0 result if the Max is infinity. Does anyone else meet the problems before? Any clues and help are highly appreciated!

Hi @Tian_Tian, which version of BoneJ are you using (Help > About Plugins > BoneJ)?

Can’t replicate it here in either BoneJ1 or BoneJ2. Is it possible that you should add some decimal places to Results table? The other obvious issue is that the filtering might say it is working on calibrated units (e.g. µm³) but then actually filter only on pixel count. Would you mind posting a sample image and short macro that produces the issue?

Sorry for the late response. I used Bonej2, and I found it’s some problem with remote connection. That is, working in remoted server did give me that problem (no idea why though), but on local computer is fine. Thank you so much for your help.

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