Bonej functions invisible+ launching problem when update

Dear Sir,

I tried to install boneJ package to my imageJ/Fiji in my windows 10 operating system. Basically, there are 2 problems I am facing :

  1. I have downloaded bonej and imagej from the following website’s suggestion from this ink here:
    Installing Java 3D for use with BoneJ1

And used ‘install plugin’ to install bonej module. The problem is now that I cannot see the functions such as ‘anisotropy’,’connectivity’, etc under ‘Bonej’ tab anymore.

  1. If I update the packages selecting bonej, the ImageJ does not launch anymore.

What am I doing wrong ? Can anybody has ideas, please.

Thank you


I would suggest starting with a fresh version of the latest Fiji and then installing BoneJ2 (unless you have a reason to need BoneJ1?).

The instructions to do all of this can be found here.

Hope this helps,

Thanks, It seems that I was pulling ImageJ from older commit.