BoneJ Fiji Manage Update Sites Issue


Completely new to ImageJ, Fiji, and BoneJ - thanks in advance for any help!

Been trying to download BoneJ on Fiji, but when I try to follow instructions at BoneJ - ImageJ , it doesn’t work. When I reach step #4 and click Manage Update Sites, the app always crashes before I can even scroll.

I’ve downloaded Java 8 (jdk-8u281) for Mac OS, and tried other troubleshooting - please help!

I’ve encountered a lot of difficulties with Fiji (like with the 3d viewer), but figured out how to access the 3d viewer on ImageJ alone. Is there any way to get BoneJ on ImageJ instead of Fiji? All the instructions I’ve seen are for Fiji.


This sounds like a problem with Apple / Mac / Java / Fiji / the installer rather than BoneJ per se.

Yes but it’s a bit messy, and it’s been a while since we spent much time playing with it.

On my Ubuntu workstation I have a legacy ImageJ1 with BoneJ1 (no longer supported), and a vanilla ImageJ2 with BoneJ2. I do not know if Mac OS affords you sufficient flexibility to do this.

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Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:
Any idea about what the problem with Fiji might be? I’ll also ask to the broader ImageJ forum to see what help I can get.

None, sorry. It may help to start from scratch to make sure there aren’t any unexpected jar files laying around. If there are any exceptions or error messages, please post them. It can help to run ImageJ/Fiji from the command line or in debug mode to get this extra info.

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