BoneJ - change the orientation of a cross-section

Hi everyone!
I have a (tiff) file of bones (get by lighsheet microscopy) in a sagittal cross-section.
I need to use the plugin “Moments of Inertia” to align my bones slices and analyze them. But for that I need to have transversal cross-section.
So, my question is: is it possible to change my cross section from sagittal to transversal?
Thank you.

Hi @mjoetzjer,

In Fiji, try Image -> Stacks -> Reslice (/).
Hope this helps.

Moments of Inertia always aligns output data with the shortest axis in x, middle axis in y and longest axis in z, regardless of the orientation of the structure in the input data. So there should be no need for an intermediate step. If your bones are well aligned in the input images @alessandrofelder’s suggestion is much simpler, just reslice to put the bone’s long axis into z.

Thank you all for your answers!