Bone J fit sphere 3D for 5D images

Hello BoneJ developers,

I would like to use your fit3D sphere on a 5D (XYZCT) image. Currently I can only create separate 3D stacks and then perform the fitting there. This is a little cumbersome but possible.

Are you (@mdoube, @alessandrofelder ) planning to create this functionality in the future? If not do you mind if I fork the project and try to implement it?



Just to be specific it is a time lapse with sphere-like objects (nuclei in a zygote) that are hard to segment but easy to pick points for a fit to a sphere. We need several colors to identify the whole nucleus.

No plans to do this.

Be our very welcome guest! Please take a look at the BoneJ contribution policy and other helpful dev docs that @rimadoma wrote.

Stay in touch and we’ll help where we can. If all goes to plan there will be a new BoneJ dev joining me in Hong Kong sometime soon.

Thanks, I will let you know if I get anything useful or ask for help when needed.