Bone histomorphometry

I’m looking to estimate the amount of bone and stroma (in percentage) in a decalcified tissue section stained with Von kossa. In addition I am looking to differentiate the type of bone ( like woven, osteoid, lamellar etc) present in percentage to total bone. I’m uploading some images for reference. Mineralized bone is seen in brown/black colour and osteoid light pink in colour. Please guide me. Thank you.


As I responded recently on another Forum post… You can also look into using the Fiji plugin Trainable Weka Segmentation. There is a helpful workshop on Segmentation in Fiji (and corresponding slides) - that goes over the basics of this plugin, but also other ways to develop segmentation workflows in ImageJ/Fiji.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you very much Ellen for your reply with the link to the workshop. I am learning image analysis and if I need more help I will ask.
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Dr Ravikanth.

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