Blood vessel segmentation and network analysis

Hello everyone,
I wanted to ask whether somebody can help me out with this error in Fiji:
I’m currently working on applying the Plugin TubeAnalyst.ijm for Blood vessel segmentation and network analysis from the source

When I applying it I can enter the settings of the vessel size and pixels inside the first window and press OK. Then the message appears: "unrecognized command: “3D Fast Filters”.

Therefore I was downloading the plugin 3D Fast Filters but the same error appears again.
Can anyone help me with this problem? I would be really thankful!!!

Hi @katharina_hecker,

I do not know this macro, but you can install 3D Fast Filters from the 3D ImageJ Suite, from Fiji you need to activate both 3D ImageJ Suite and ImageScience.



Hi Thomas,
thanks alot! it is running now…

Hi, everyone, I faced other problem that it reported unrecognized command: ‘‘Random’’ in line 112. I don’t find the “Random” in the update sites in Fiji. Can someone help me to fix it? Thanks very much!