Blocking vs Non-blocking dialogs


When writing plugins I always use the non-blocking flavor of dialog rather than the generic one.

This allows users to zoom in and out of regions of the image when previewing the effect of the plugin.

I’ve noticed that almost all plugins block user interaction with the image window when previewing (E.g. median filter).

This makes me wonder if there is a good reason for not using a non-blocking dialog.



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Hey @evenhuis,

a good reason for not using non-blocking dialogs is that you could then open several dialogs at a time which might disturb each other. Just imagine, users have a dialog open from one of your plugins and another dialog of one of my plugins. If the results are weird then, who should fix this bug? :wink:

However, @Wayne is working on making non-blocking dialogs for some filters available in ImageJ. I recently saw that in the github log:

I haven’t seen it in the current Fiji distribution yet, so I guess we need to wait for the next release. :wink:


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ImageJ 1.52q adds a “Non-blocking filter dialogs” option in the Edit>Options>Misc dialog box. The Convolve, Mean, Median, Minimum, Maximum, Variance and Image>Math commands use non-blocking dialogs when this option is enabled. You get a “‘Command Name’ blocked because ‘Image Name’ is locked” message if you try to run another command when a filter using a non-blocking dialog is running. Use the Help>Update ImageJ command to upgrade to the ImageJ 1.52q daily build.