Blank window when attempting to open an image




When I try to open an image in Fiji, for some reason the image refuses to be displayed - instead I get a blank window. This only happens when I open a largish image - when i try opening smaller images they are displayed perfectly well.
However, the image which is giving me trouble is way less than the limit (2 gigapixels, 46341 x 46341) so there shouldn’t be a memory problem. Does anyone know why this happens?
I’m using Fiji 1.51V21, Java 1.8.0_66.
My computer OS is OpenSuse leap (Linux).

Thank you!
Debbie Rotman

Blank window with big files

Hey @DebR

First off… how are you opening your images? We recommend users opening their files using Bio-Formats … to be sure the metadata is read in correctly, etc. This is especially true for .tif files - see this page.

So you can try that - and again - we recommend doing this in general.

For the ‘blank’ window… is it all black? You can just check the Brightness/Contrast - just open that and click “Auto”.

Just let us know if either/both work for you.

eta :slight_smile:


Hey @etarena,
Thanks for answering!

Yes, I was using Bio-Formats. Regarding what I mean by “blank window”, it isn’t black, but rather grey. It looks, as a matter of fact, just like the problem this person had, except that my image isn’t big enough for the issue to be caused by a memory problem.

Thank you very much!


Hi DebR,

did you try changing the Lookup table (to red, green or anything else).
I experienced with some formats having a full black LUT (so adjusting Brightness/Contrast didn’t work…)

Good luck,



Hey R, thanks for answering!

I tried to do as you suggested, but when i opened the lookup table the table also had trouble being displayed - it just opened a small blank grey window with the “List…” button at the bottom, so I wasn’t able to adjust anything…

If you have any more ideas for me to try I’d be very much obliged,


Good day,

please tell us more about the image in question.

Where does it come from?
What is the file type?
What is the file size?

You say that smaller images open without problem.

Are those images of the same type?
At what file size do you encounter problems?




Hello Herbie,

I’m not sure where the image comes from, I’m accessing it from the desktop, if that’s what you mean.
It’s a TIF image, about 900 MB.
Regarding the size from which the program seems to have trouble displaying the image, I’m not sure exactly… It didn’t have a problem opening a 500 MB image, so somewhere in that range I suppose.



Can you open the image in question with another application?

How much RAM did you assign to ImageJ?
(Click on the status bar of ImageJ.)