Blank pop up message boxes

I installed ImageJ on my new Mac (OSX El Capitan) with Java (Version 8 update 66) but when a pop up window (for example, an error message) occurs the space where the text would be is blank and all I can see is the ‘ok’ button which I can still click on. Occasionally the text will appear after a few minutes but I can’t find a pattern to predict whether this will happen or not. It does not happen with every box. Is there an update or setting to be able to ensure text appears? Thanks!

There are currently issues with ImageJ’s Java 8 detection on OSX. Because this looks like a rendering problem it wouldn’t hurt to double-check the Java version being used by ImageJ, and if it is in fact using an older Java you can try launching with Java 8 explicitly to see if that fixes the issue.

If you verify that ImageJ is using Java 8 and are still having problems… can you identify a sequence of steps that consistently reproduces the text display error? Or is it totally random?


As you suggested my ImageJ was using version 6 and now I have ImageJ matching the Java version the windows pop up properly. Thank you!

Awesome! That’s great to hear. Thanks for letting us know :smile: