Black menu in FIJI

Hello everybody.
I have a problem using FIJI that I can´t solve (reinstalling did not help).

The menu tabs of FIJI appear black:

The script turns only white when I move the mouse cursor over it.

Can any one help me on this issue?

Thanks in advance


What version of ImageJ/Fiji are you running and on what Windows system? The more detail you can provide… the better.

Also - in general - I find it much easier to search and run commands using the built-in “Search Bar” … at least it’s a workaround for now with your dropdown-blacked-out issue.


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Could it be an issue with your system’s theme, color scheme, etc.? Have you played around in the Control Panel at all? Apparently Windows 10 got rid of the “Color and Appearance” panel (!), but you can bring it back?


Indeed, it was an issue with the “Color and Appearance” panel in windows 7. I changed the settings to standard and voila, got my white menu back.
Thanks for your help!