Biovoxxel Pseudo Flat Field Correction skip Background image Visualization

Dear Forum, and dear @biovoxxel

I am writing a plugin where I am using the nice Pseudo-Flat field correction from biovoxxel suite.

Would it be possible to skip the automatic showing of the Background Image?
Or maybe even better add a button to choose if showing it or not?

Thank you,
Emanuele Martini

Dear @emartini,

thanks for your idea and suggestion. I will implement a checkbox to activate or deactivate the background image visibility and fix some other bugs and make it better accessible for writing plugins. But it will take a little bit. By end of this week I might manage to finish that.

EDIT: I looked in the code and the changes I had in mind are not directly possible. So, I might need to rewrite the complete thing. For now I will try to include the visibility settings in a pragmatic way

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Hey @emartini,

would you be so kind and test the following new version. I still don’t wanna upload it to the update site, before it is fully tested. In my case it works for single images as well as stacks. But I might have missed a test scenario. After your go, I will then make it available as an update.

Biovoxxel_Plugins-2.5.1.jar (113.8 KB)

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tested now it works like a charm,
thank you
emanuele martini

cool, thanks. :+1: Then I will upload it to the update site :slight_smile:

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