Biovoxxel installation error

Hi all,

I am trying to install Biovoxxel on ImageJ (Win 10), but just installing the plugin I downloaded from is not working. The plugin shows on my tab, however, when I try to run it, there’s an error message “Plugin or class not found”. Apparently, there’s an installation step I’m missing, but Biovoxxel page is not loading:

Does anyone have a similar problem or know how to solve it?



Could you refer the BioVoxxel site if you use Fiji? Or you could give the author an e-mail.


Maybe @biovoxxel can help :slight_smile:

Hi @Juliana_Popovitz,

I would recommend you to use Fiji together with the Toolbox and install it via the update sites.
When I am back in the office by tomorrow, I could also provide the packages you need if you desire to use ImageJ.
I will place a link by then here in a new forum post.

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Thanks for the help! I installed Fiji and updated and it’s working!