Bioinformatician and image analysis position in Sweden

We’ve received word of a position in image analysis in Sweden with SciLifeLab and Uppsala University.

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Bioinformatics platform at Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab), administrative location at the Division for Visual Information and Interaction, Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University.
Application no later than 2013-01-21. UFV-PA 2012/3332

SciLifeLab ( is a national center for large scale life science research with an advanced technological infrastructure. SciLifeLab performs multidisciplinary research based on DNA sequencing, gene expression analysis, proteomics, bioinformatics, biostatistics, microscopy and systems biology. The aim is to provide Swedish scientists with tools to analyze genes, transcripts and proteins in different organisms with the ultimate goal to map molecular mechanisms related to environment and health. Examples of research areas currently in focus are clinical genomics/proteomics, cancer genomics, genomics of complex diseases and genomics related to ecology and environment. Bioinformatics, systems biology and image analysis/quantitative microscopy are central activities within SciLifeLab and a significant number of the SciLifeLab personnel are involved with these areas.

The Division for Visual Information and Interaction, Department of Information Technology, hosts the Centre for Image Analysis (CBA), which is a collaboration between UppsalaUniversity and the SwedishUniversity of Agricultural Sciences. Our purpose is to conduct research and education in computerized image analysis and perceptualization. Both within image processing itself and to develop better methods, algorithms and systems for applications within primarily biomedicine and forest industry. CBA also aims to spread the knowledge about and encourage the use of image processing at other departments and in society.

Job assignment: We are looking for a PhD with a keen interest in implementation and adaption of image analysis algorithms for quantitative analysis of microscopy data. You will work in shorter or longer projects (up to two month/ project), providing research support on image analysis. The position is within the national platform of bioinformatics at SciLifeLab Uppsala, but the assignment includes services to researchers at other universities.

Qualifications required: PhD in computational image analysis/image processing or equivalent. Good English communication skills both spoken and written as well as excellent interpersonal skills. Proven experience of computer programming.

Meriting: Postdoctoral experience in image analysis, within or outside academia, especially focused on methods development. Experience of algorithm development and development of analysis pipelines aiming to identify and segment cells and microorganisms in cultures and tissue samples, and to quantify their biological parameters.

Terms of employment: Permanent position, 6 months trial period applies. Position to be filled as soon as possible and no later than April 1, 2013.

Uppsala University is striving to attain a more balanced gender distribution. Since most employees in the Faculty are men, women are especially invited to apply for this position.

For further information contact Johan Elf, vice director SciLifeLab, Uppsala university ( Trade union representatives: Anders Grundström, SACO, tel +46 (0)18-471 5380, Carin Söderhäll TCO/ST, phone +46 (0)18-471 1996, Stefan Djurström, SEKO, tel +46 (0)18-471 3315.

Application should include:

·Cover letter describing your interest and why you are suitable for this position (maximum 1 page).

·CV including description of previous positions, duties and a list of relevant publications.

·Copy of the official academic transcript of the doctoral degree.

·Names, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers for references/recommendation letters.

You are welcome with your application no later than January 21st 2013. UFV-PA 2012/3332. Use the link below to access the application form

Bioinformatician with focus on research support on image analysis