Bioimage Analysis Survey 2020

Dear colleagues,

Please spread the text below to your colleagues in your institute, not only to imaging people but especially towards departments and groups of researchers undertaking life science research: can be a mailing list, forums, or your contacts.

Thanks a lot!

on behalf of Clara, Julia & Julien (WG7, NEUBIAS)

Dear Colleague Researchers,

Please take your 60 seconds to answer the 9 questions in the survey "Assessment of Image Analysis Needs in Life Science”, linked below. The survey closes 24.12.2020 Jan.8.2021, 24:00 (CET).

Your answers will greatly help us depicting the present status of bioimage analysis in the Life Science community. As we want to maximize the number of responses, we selected only essential questions to minimize the time you will spend on answering.

The survey:

The results will be a highly valuable resource for knowing what is there and what is missing, may potentially be used for a review publication and, will also be used for writing grants to support the bioimage analysis researches and communities e.g. NEUBIAS (The Network of European Bioimage Analysts).

As some of you know, in 2015 a survey to assess the image analysis needs within life sciences was sent out. Now, we would like to assess again what are the needs and, whether anything has changed (Regardless of whether you answered the survey in 2015).

Thanks a lot in advance!

Our apologies if you have received this request already,

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Best wishes,

Kota Miura
Clara Prats Gavalda
Julia Fernandez-Rodriguez
Julien Colombelli

… Members of The Network of European Bioimage Analysts (NEUBIAS,


Hi Kota! Hi all!

Thanks for the survey.
Many of our users already left for well deserved holidays (I can see our resources are barely used compared to last week). In case it’s not only our University, would it be possible/make sense to extend the survey deadline to beginning January in order to increase the number of replies?


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Hi Sebastien,

Let’s see the growth of the answers… so far we had 440+ answers, far below 1800 answers we had last time. Let us wait till 24th and decide what to do!




We decided to extend the deadline to Jan. 8th, 2021!


Dear Kota,
Will the results of the survey be published when it is completed. I am specifically interested in the level of interest in bioimage analysis in my country.

Best regards


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